The publication of "The Goldilocks Effect" exploits the new literary landscape which is itself very much a reflection of  the evolutionary processes which the book underlines.

The prevailing conditions are now such that self-publishing is a straightforward and fairly inexpensive proposition, even for print runs of as few as ten copies.
And  the process of "bringing to market is", of course much faster.

The requirement for "old" media ( to quote from Bill Hammack's book "Why Engineers Need to Grow a Long Tail") ,  "is that process I described of completely polishing a piece, filtering it through many gatekeepers (editors, sub-editors and the like), carefully editing the final piece and then offering it to the public. The essential characteristic of old media lies in this model: filter; then publish. The new media inverts this completely, one publishes and then filters."

The Goldiclocks Effect lies some where in between these extremes.  While it has been filtered far more than, for instance, a blog or a tweet,, it has been produced on a very limited budget without recourse to professional editors or proof readers.

Short inital print runs, however, allow of  in-course corrections in the light of public filtration. And provision of back-up by a website such as this can provide dynamic up-dating of errata.

Not only can typographical  mistakes be corrected in this way but new material  that is encountered which might impact significantly on the content can be presented "on the fly"

Having made my excuses, here are the errors spotted so far together with  some updates of more substance.

Typos & omissions in first print run:

Back cover:         "it uses a only few " should, of course, read  "it uses only a few"to liked
p22                    "archaea and bacteria"
p23                     "ripe for more"
p24                    "archea, bacteria and the algae"
p27                     strike out first "not" in third sentence
p31                     full stop after "machine"
p44                      huge number of pieces
p47                     comma after "sulphuryl chloride"
p61                      iteration of "liked to"
p72                     "Earth’s magnetic field (some birds)
p73            `       "pointed out earlier"
p83                    Edison's first phonograph used tinfoil

New amendments of first print run:

None to date