Have you heard of these? If your answer is "No" then you are not alone.

But, how many, just a few years back, had heard of an Ipod?


As a child I watched in fascination as my grandpa built  radio sets.
Huge glass thermionic valves, their sockets nailed to a wooden board.
Heavy wires hooking these up to chunky resistors, condensers and home-made coils.

In the mid-seventies another new technology was enthusiastically adopted by hobbyists.
The Altair kitset computer provided a nursery wherein the amateur could play.
And many budding professionals would cut their technical teeth.

But, of course, the major developments of today are well beyond the amateur!

OR ARE THEY?  Check this one out!    FUN & GAMES FOR THE TWIDDLER

This one's sweet, too:   EYE CANDY?

Or then again, if you are not inclined to build your own -   FOR ONLY US $5000

Only five years ago a laser printer was about that price. Now one can be bought for around $100
Go figure!

At one point in the diverse dissertation that is "Unusual Perspectives" it is suggested that synthesis of foods having very fine flavours and textures may soon become a practical proposition.  In fact, materials such as textured vegetable protein are already used quite widely in foods to provide reasonably good meat substitutes. But they use quite complex substances such as Soy as their starting points and so are not synthesised from scratch. Furthermore, although interesting textures are produced by such artifices as cross-cutting spun fibres, they are not true cellular structures as found in, say, beef.
Mulling this over, it occured to me that, in principle, such entities could be generated by RPM 

Semi-humorously, I have lately been promulgating the notion of "Print-a-Steak".

Which, in view of the following, is perhaps not so daft as it sounds.

Follow this link and take heart (or liver or spleen,  for that matter!)     ORGAN PRINTING

Other even more significant developments likely to arise out of RPM technologies are crucial to
a vision of the future mapped out by "Unusual Perspectives"

I wonder if it is not too early for the twiddler to be thinking of printing some trinkets of diamond foam?
Or perhaps some more useful devices from this material

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